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Frequently asked questions about BIZCHAIN

  • Is investing in Bizchain safe?
    Bizchain is the first Decentralized Marketing (DEFI) platform worldwide. Works on Smart Contracts. Businesses & Users can control all information about cash flow, community transaction value, investment capital, and cash flow very clearly & transparently at any time. Bizchain is a decentralized Blockchain platform where we promote transparency.Thus, there is no risk. We give customers control over asset management, ensuring equity for all investors using the Bizchain platform. You will know in advance the amount of investment capital, rewards received , number of days to receive, number of Users & Businesses participating in business on the Bizchain platform.
  • What capital and rewards can I expect to receive when investing in Mining BZC?
    The minimum amount required for a 10-day BZC mining cycle is 150 USDT. After 30 days of continuous mining, you will receive a reward of 3 USDT per day x 30 days = 90 USDT, equivalent to 20%
  • Where is the money so I can get the 3 USDT/day reward?
    The 3 USDT you receive every day is a BIZCHAIN ​​REWARD that you receive after a 30-day BZC mining cycle, NOT A FORM OF INTEREST PAYMENT. After 30 days, you participate in continuous Mine orders from thousands of users that will cause BZC to increase in price sharply. The reward of 3 USDT in BZC corresponds to 20% given to you at the market price at that time.
  • How can my VR Shop get customers?
    Bizchain offers VR Shop owners a wonderful strategy. With the help of the Coupon method, you may attract an infinite number of customers between the ages of 18 and 70. If you are interested in this strategy, please contact us to have our team of experts advise you.
  • How will my income be when I invest in a VR Shop?
    For each user who mines in your VR Store, you will receive 0.60 USDT. A maximum VR store will own 200 BZC mining accounts x 0.6 USDT = 120 USDT /day. You will receive 3,600 USDT in a 30-day month. When you generate 6 mining BZC in your VR Shop, you will reach Level 1 and your benefits are as follows: In addition to 0.6 USDT /Mine/day, you also receive: 1.5 USDT direct commission + 0.1 USDT system commission => 2.2 USDT /day x 200 BZC mining = 4,400 USDT /month x 12 months = 52,800 USDT.
  • What must I do to start a business that makes more money than roughly $100,000 per month?
    Depending on how much income you want and your available financial funds, you can invest in Combo VR Shop + the appropriate amount of Mining BZC. If you want specific business strategy guidance for your business, please contact us immediately for advice.
    Digital BIZCHAIN Symbol BZC Security testing Audit
    Aggregate Supply 100.000.000 49000000 - Operate the Mining Gas package 11.000.000 - Pool Pancake Swap 35.000.000 Operating gas VR Shop 5.000.000 Developers Paying 2% = 10,000 BZC monthly to media partners.
  • Use cases of Bizchain
    Payment: All products on the Bizchain ecosystem will be traded 100% in USDT. Fees: All Bizchain transactions need to be paid in BNB.

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To start becoming a business owner on the Bizchain platform, please contact us immediately for guidance

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