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Bizchain was born from the journey of finding a breakthrough marketing solution to solve the problems of users and businesses, which is the Bizpoint Social Marketing 5.0 platform. Launched in November 2023, after just 2 months of development, we have received support from 5,000 users.

At the completion stage, we own 147 virtual reality VR Stores operating in Vietnam. At our VR Store, businesses can reach a large number of potential users with money and needs every day without incurring marketing costs, thereby increasing revenue and profits.

In the future, this model will be expanded not only in Vietnam but also globally.

Based on this great Marketing 5.0 platform, Singapore technology corporation has participated in upgrading Bizpoint to Bizchain to upgrade strategy & products to Blockchain - a Decentralized platform thereby helping the entire community. You will use a product ecosystem that is safe, transparent, convenient and brings you the highest value.

October 2023 Opp shares the Bizpoint Social Marketing 5.0 platform => November 16, 2023 launches the application for the user community => January 16, 2024 reaches 5,000 users 2 months after launch => launches March 2024 Swap Gate => April 2024 Joint stock cooperation with Singapore technology company to upgrade products to Blockchain => June 6, 2024 launch Bizchain.

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