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Receiving the invitation of the Singapore technology company, on April 17-19, 2024, Bizpoint's board of directors had a business trip to Singapore - the convergence of technology giants such as the US, China, India...

Here, representatives of Bizpoint Social's board of directors visited the office and had a working session with a representative of the Singapore technology company, Mr. Mohamed Haja Maydin.

The work program revolves around the following issues:

Joint stock cooperation to jointly upgrade the Bizpoint platform not only the Swap portal but also other strategies & products in the future to build a foothold for global development.

Strategy to develop product ecosystem for the entire user community in the coming time.


At the end of the direct meeting, the two sides reached an agreement. This marks an important milestone in the Win-Win cooperation relationship, helping the Bizpoint user community have many opportunities to own truly great and valuable products in the near future.

Below are images capturing moments during the working day between Vietnamese representatives and Singapore technology companies

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