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Explore the 3-step process for mining BZC on the Bizchain platform.

The three-step process for mining BZC on the Bizchain platform can be described in four words: Transparent, Safe, Simple, and Convenient.

With just 15 USDT per day for one Mine session, continuously for 30 days, on the 31st day, you start receiving 18 USDT per day in BZC, and you will keep receiving it forever.

Bizchain supports you by allowing activation in three stages:

  • Stage 1: On day 1, activate with 150 USDT for the first 10-day BZC mining cycle.

  • Stage 2: On day 10, activate with 150 USDT for the next 10-day BZC mining cycle.

  • Stage 3: On day 20, activate with 150 USDT for the last 10-day BZC mining cycle of the month.

Why You Should Choose Mining BZC on the Bizchain Platform
First, Safety: Bizchain is a decentralized DEFI platform operating on Smart Contracts, ensuring that no organization or individual can interfere with or alter your funds. Bizchain grants you the right to manage your assets, reducing the risk to 0%.

Second, Transparency: You know in advance the investment amount, the investment timeline, rewards, commissions, and the number of days you will receive profits and commissions. You can see how the cash flow you participate in operates, as well as the total number of users and businesses participating on the Bizchain platform.

Third, Automatic Liquidity: Whenever you want, you can take the BZC you have received and exchange it for USDT on the Pancake Swap platform.

Fourth, Flexible Investment and Stable Returns: With just 15 USDT per day for 30 consecutive days, after just one month, you will start receiving rewards of 3 USDT per day, amounting to 90 USDT per month, equivalent to 20%, and you will keep receiving it forever.

Fifth, Time-Saving: Even if you have 100 Mining BZC, with the Bizchain 5.0 marketing platform, you only need 3-5 minutes of operation each day.

Please note: 3USDT/day is the REWARD after you participate in MINE continuously for 30 days. Bizchain is absolutely NOT an INTEREST PAYMENT MODEL. This is a REWARD POOL for your journey with Bizchain mining BZC daily.



Auto liquidity

BIZCHAIN in Numbers


15 USDT Is the capital you need to prepare for the per day BZC mining cycle. You only need to invest once but receive profits daily & forever.

150 USDT

You just need to prepare a minimum of 150 USDT to activate BZC mining for the first 10 days. On the 10th day, continue to activate with 150 USDT and on the 20th day, activate an additional 150 USDT for the last 10-day mining cycle of the month.


3 USDT is the reward you will receive each day after a continuous 30-day cycle of BZC mining.


This is the user count target that Bizchain aims to achieve in the third quarter of 2024.



Bizchain always creates opportunities for the entire community to make money and succeed together.


The total commission that the system’s levels will receive is 0.4 USDT for each user’s Mining turn and is divided as follows:

Level 1: 0.1 USDT - Condition: Have 5 BZC Mining

Level 2: 0.2 USDT - Condition: Have 5 F1 + 5 direct BZC Mining accounts.

Level 3: 0.3 USDT - Condition: Have 4 F1 + 20 direct BZC Mining accounts.

Level 4: 0.4 USDT - Condition: Have 3 F1 + 50 direct BZC Mining accounts.


Immediately gift 100 BCF
(Electronic Dividends) to the first 10,000 BZC Mining. Valued up to 1,000,000 USD.

When you own 100,000 BCF, you become a shareholder of Bizchain and are immediately entitled to a share of the platform fees, receiving money daily & forever.

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