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VR Shop - A business solution based on the Marketing 5.0 platform for Enterprises

Owning a VR Shop is a way for you to become a business owner on the Bizchain 5.0 business platform.
Outstanding advantages when businesses operate on the Bizchain platform:

Compared to other business models, you will reduce 90% of the risk. You will not need to deposit money & rent premises monthly.

You will no longer have to recruit and use a complex team of employees. From there, you will reduce about 20%- 25% of salary costs.

You will no longer have to cut spending too much advertising money to reach customers. You sell goods more easily & thereby increase profits.

The benefits of doing business with VR Shop on the Bizchain platform.

You get access to potential customers (who have money and demand) without any more advertising costs. At the same time, you have the opportunity to receive a profit of 20 - 30% on the Bizchain platform.

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​The quantity of daily user Mines determines the worth of the VR Shop.

There will be no more than 200 Mining BZC (or 200 Mines each day) in a VR Shop. You will get 0.6 USDT for each Mine order.

You can earn 120 USDT every day with 200 Mining BZC. You'll get 3,600 USDT in a month. You get 43,200 USDT a year.

You have the option to level up your VR shop to the following levels: VR Store (400 Mining BZC), VR Mall (1,000 Mining BZC), and VR Building (2,000 Mining BZC) if the number of Mining BZC in your shop reaches 50% capacity (100 Mining BZC) and you want to have more Mining BZC participate in your VR shop in order to make more profits.

With only 1,500 USDT, you can immediately own your own business and every day customers will bring you revenue, helping you become a real business owner on the Bizchain platform.



Number of Mining BZC: 2000
Price : 8000 USDT

Monthly Revenue: 36.000 USDT


Number of Mining BZC: 100
Price : 4500 USDT

Monthly Revenue: 18.000 USDT


Monthly Revenue: 7.200 USDT

Number of Mining Mining BZC: 400
Price: 2500 USDT


Number of Mining BZC: 200
Price : 1500 USDT

Monthly Revenue: 3.600 USDT

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